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Protecting Your Eyes During Winter

Protecting your eyes during the winter is just as important as the summer yet many of us forget this.  Below are 4 tips we recommend to maintain good eye health as the seasons change.

Wear UV protective sunglasses

Summer may have left us, but the sun is still around.  Just because it’s cold outside does not mean that the harmful effects of the sun are any less than they are during the summer.  In fact, in areas with snowy conditions, the sun's rays are arguably twice as harmful on unprotected eyes due to the reflective surface of snow.  As in the summer, you want to continue to wear sunglasses that block as much UV light as possible.

Wear Protective Gogglessnow goggles

During the winter months many travel for vacations on the slopes, tracks or trails, cabins, and other destinations.  We generally remember to pack warm clothes, jackets, gloves, boots, beanies/hats, and scarfs.  However, we also need to remember to pack and wear appropriate goggles with adequate UV ray protection.

Just like sunglasses, there are many lens tint options for different lighting conditions.  Not only do goggles protect your eyes from sun damage, they will also help to keep out dirt, debris, slush and ice.  As northern winds pick up, goggles offer more coverage and protection than sunglasses.

refresh optive hero packagingKeep your eyes hydrated

Traveling from the cold air outside to dry circulated heat inside creates perfect conditions for dry, irritated eyes.  If you notice your eyes becoming more sensitive, use eye drops or artificial tears as needed for relief.   We recommend preservative free Refresh Optive eye drops.  Humidifiers can also be great for overall wellness and home hydration.

If you are a contact wearer, keep a stock of re-wetting drops on hand to help combat dry contacts.  You may also want to consider switching to corrective glasses more often if your eyes are feeling sensitive.

Keep your eyes clean

With holiday festivities and celebrations coming up, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Make sure you are washing your face regularly, especially before bed. Residual make up, sweat and germs have no place on your face, or eyes.  Keeping a clean face also leads to clean eyes.  Sharing is caring, but no one wants to give, or receive the gift of bacteria or viruses this holiday season.


Lastly, if you have health coverage check to see when your renewal takes place.  If you still have coverage for the year, make the most of it and be sure to use your coverage before year end!