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Signs and Symptoms


  • Blurred vision at nearhand puzzel
  • Double-vision
  • Headaches associated with near work
  • Words run together when reading
  • Burning, stinging, watery eyes or excessive sensitivity to light
  • Vision worse at the end of the day
  • Skipping or repeating lines when reading
  • Dizziness or nausea associated with near work
  • Head tilt or closing one eye when reading

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  • Difficulty copying from the board in school
  • Avoidance of reading and near work
  • Omitting small words when reading
  • Writing uphill or downhill
  • Misaligning digits in columns of numbers
  • Reading comprehension declining over time
  • Inconsistent/poor sports performance
  • Holding reading material too close
  • Short attention span
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  • Difficulty completing assignments in reasonable time
  • Saying “I can’t” before even trying
  • Inability to estimate distances accurately
  • Misplaces or loses papers, objects, belongings
  • Car sickness or motion sickness
  • Forgetful, poor memory or attention
  • Loses place when reading (uses Finger to follow a line of print)
  • Substitutes words while reading or copying
  • Reverses letters or numbers
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  • Reads out-loud slowly then has trouble remembering what was read
  • Squints, closes, or covers one eye when reading or doing homework
  • Eyes hurt or feel tired after a period of computer or near work
  • Blurred vision at distance when looking up from computer or reading
  • Difficulty with sports that require good eye-hand coordination
  • Restless when working at a desk or avoids tasks that require concentration
  • Unusual rubbing or blinking of eyes
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