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Binocular Coordination 

This is a skill where both eyes aim simultaneously at the same visual target and work together equally and accurately as a coordinated team.  Healthy binocular vision produces important visual perceptual skills as well, which are part of normal human vision.

A child is born with two eyes, but they must learn to use them together. Some children learn to do this properly while others do not.

Some conditions of a poor binocular system are:

  • Tracking: the ability to move the eyes accurately in order to follow a moving target.  Poor tracking greatly affects a person's ability to read.
  • Fusion: the ability to use both eyes together at the same time.  Poor fusion can result in blurred and/or double vision.
  • Stereopis: binocular depth perception.  Poor steropsis can result in limited or non-exitant 3D vision.

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